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MedMon (CTI)

Full Title:  MedMon -- Monitoring of internet resources for pharmaceutical research and development

Short description: This project will draw from social media and web sources to harness patient insights for the novel and transformative concept of patient-centered drug development. Advanced Information Extraction components will help leverage these insights to increase the efficacy & efficiency of the company’s R&D.

Duration: 2018-2019

Funding agency: CTI

Funding: 881‘457 CHF (total project budget). Funding for our group: 249'232 CHF.

Principal investigator: Dr. Fabio Rinaldi

Collaborators:  Dr. Jürgen Gottowik (Roche),  Dr. Mathias Leddin (Roche), Dr. Raul Rodriguez-Esteban (Roche), Dr. Albert Weichselbraun (HTW-Chur)