Genia Dependencies

You are welcome to test our dependency interface which allows visualization and download of Dependency Annotations for the GENIA corpus

The full DepGENIA v2.0 corpus is also available for download.

March 2006: DepGENIA v2.0 has been generated with a new version of the parser. DepGENIA v1.0 is still accessible from the same page.

ATCR Corpus

Please have a look at our work over the ATCR corpus (Arabidopsis Thaliana Circadian Rhythms), including syntactic and semantic querying.

OntoGene Web Query (v0.1)

A preliminary version of our interface for querying relations over GENIA and ATCR can be found here

IMS web demo

IMS (detection of Interaction Methods) is one of the tasks on the BioCreative II competition. Our system achieved the best results in this task. You can access a preliminary web demo here.